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The story of Al-Naushad starts from the humble Al-Naushad outlet opened in Baramati in 2010.

As time passed, it has become famous for its authentic and wide variety of flavored Ice creams and mastani. Al-Naushad has evolved experimenting with new flavors and varieties to create delicacies enjoyed by many. Today, Al-Naushad has the widest range of ice creams and mastani in Maharshtra with 120 plus flavors available!


So, you might be wondering, what makes Al-Naushad one of the most loved ice cream and mastani brands in Maharashtra? It is our commitment to provide the ice creams and mastani prepared in the most sophisticated, quality-controlled environment.

Our team of expert ice cream and mastani makers ensures the ice creams made from the most sophisticated machinery undergo multiple quality checks before it is packaged and distributed.

We strictly adhere to the best quality standards in manufacturing and packaging of these products. In this industry, utmost attention has to be given to the production process to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene of the plant, and we are dedicated to this wholeheartedly.

No wonder it has become best part of the day for every ice cream and mastani lover.


Highly sensitive to constantly customer-oriented, optimizing all resources and assets of the company to deliver more value as a form of accountability to stakeholders and to conduct business with respect to the environment and surrounding communities.


To provide our customers with the enjoyment and ultimate ice cream and mastani experience and to promote and motivate the Entrepreneurial spirit.

Core values

  • Accountability : If it is to be, it is up to me
  • Availability : Step up when needed or asked. Take ownership
  • Integrity : Be realistic
  • Leadership : To provide the tools and motivate. Take necessary action to protect our brand
  • Passion : Commitment, Dedication and Responsibility
  • Partnership : To instill communication and participation from each store owner to achieve positive results and growth
  • Quality : To insure what we do we do at the highest level

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We at Al-Naushad truly appreciate your taste, and we’re so grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us. We sincerely hope you are satisfied with our Food.